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S/4 HANA Banking configuration / Bank Account creation

S/4 HANA Banking configuration / Bank Account creation

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Now in S/4 HANA there has been a whole change in the way Banking configuration needs to be done in the system. 
House Banks are not created anymore within Transaction FI12 or accessible through the Payment Program config (FBZP). FI12 has been deprecated. Now you need to use Tcode FI12_HBANK. This can still be transported.

But you can no longer create the Bannk Account IDs or Bank Account numbers through the Payment Program anymore. In S/4 HANA you need to create the Account IDs through “Manage Bank Accounts” with the SAP Netweaver Business Client.
For this, you will need to have assigned in your configuration client to your user the SAP standard role SAP_SFIN_CASH_MANAGER. This will give you access to Bank Account Management.
Once assigned you will trigger it with Tcode NWBC.

*NWBC services might not be active in your environment. For this Basis needs to activate the service in SICF.

You will click in “Manage Bank Accounts”

Then you will click in “New Bank Account” 
Fill in all the required information (*). Same as before S/4 the Bank Key needs to have been previously created in FI01 with all the branch address and data.

Here we put the Co.Code, Name of the Account Holder, Bank country, Bank Key (transit created previously), Account #, account description and account type.

<Save as Active>
<Connectivity Path>

CAD is the Account ID that we have assigned to the Account that we are creating.
Also we need to assign the MAIN BANK GL ACCOUNT (The one that normally finishes with 00).

<Save as active>

Then we will see the newly created account in the list of Accounts.

This step needs to be done in your Config Client (Ex DEV-200), but it is not a transportable step. So it needs to be redone in every single environment. For that SAP has an EXPORT process that will generate an XML file with the list of Bank Accounts IDs created that will have to be imported in DEV-210 and in the future in QA and PROD.
It is important to keep that XML file and do not modify it internally. If necessary the XML can be generated again going back to the DEV-200 and repeating the EXPORT process that is coming in the next steps.

Here we will EXPORT and generate the XML file that contains the accounts.

Import Bank Accounts in DEV-210 (also applicable for QA and PROD once we will do that)
Log in DEV-210 and Execute NWBC (make sure you close the other NWBC Explorer window as you can easily get confused between the two environments). Remember that you will need to have assigned in your configuration client to your user the SAP standard role SAP_SFIN_CASH_MANAGER in DEV-210.

You will <Select File> and always play safe by doing “Import with Test Run”. This way it will not import but it will check the data and tell you if there are any errors.

If you do not have errors within your newly created Bank Accounts, then import with the “overwrite” option activated. There might be some errors within other accounts that come standard, ignore those errors.

Then you will get results like this after the IMPORT.

Once you have finished your XML IMPORT, your Bank Account ID will be created. To verify this you can check the newly created entries in Table T012K.

** Remember that this XML Import process need to be repeated in every client and environment, therefore you should include this as part of your cut-over / client preparation manual activities.

If your Company and/or Project needs to implement this or any of the functionalities described in my Blog, do not hesitate to reach out to me and I will be happy to provide you my services.

Author: Adrian

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  • Hi! It was mentioned in other articles that FI12 is automatically activated for release 1809 & up. I'm currently using 1909 version but I'm still unable to create bank id in FI12 & I'm getting the message "Read Access Only". Is there a setting I should switch on?

  • FI12 is not available anymore in S/4 HANA. You need to use FI12_HBANK. This is the new S/4 HANA House Bank config Tcode.

  • Go back to the beginning of my post and you will find it there.

  • Mehdi

    Hi Adrian,
    I understand the new approach in S4 by moving the banking from a ''configuration item'' to a Master Data object.
    I thought in the beggining that this Fiori Bank Application will be used only to create ''internal'' bank accounts & House banks however i have seen in some Blogs/youtube channels that it's used also to maintain the BPs Bank accounts (External). What will be the benefit of using it for this purpose ( External Bank accounts) instead of maintaining it directly in the BP General Data ( Payment information)?

    Thank you

  • Hi! Just to clarify my question, it's the "account id" (bank account) that i cannot create, but I was able to create the house bank already.

  • Hi Mehdi,
    What you have seen in blogs YouTube is not entirely accurate. This APP can also be used to maintain the Bank Keys, which depending on the country you are creating data for is Financial institution number and Branch #. You do not use it to maintain the BPs external bank account. You can only maintain the Bank account in the BP transaction, and there you use the previously created Bank Key from the other APP. Hope this clarifies it.

  • To me if you are getting a read-only error it sounds that you might be in a client/environment where you cannot make changes. This needs to be done in your configuration client.

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