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How to reverse an Accrual Journal Entry in a different date than the original one

How to reverse an Accrual Journal Entry in a different date than the original one

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Tcode: FBS1 – Enter Accrual / Deferral Journal Entry
Enter the data corresponding to your Accrual Journal Entry with a “Reversal Reason” (always 05 for Reversal Journal Entries) and provide a “Reversal Date”. This date should be the date that you intend to reverse your entry; normally for accruals you will put 1st day of your next accounting period. In this case February 1st 2012.
Then complete all the other lines concerning your debits and credits on your entry and save the document.
Now, for any particular reason; you realized that your accrual is not correct and you need to reverse it. Trust me this happens really often at Month End.
To reverse a document you would use FB08 or F.81 to reverse Accrual documents in Mass. But since your Entry is not correct you do not want to reverse it in the actual expected date of reversal that you entered (in my example 2012-02-01); instead you what to reverse it in today’s date.
How would you do that ? Here is a simply trick that not everybody knows .
You should NOT solve this error by creating another Accrual document that offsets your original document.
Go to FB02 to modify the Document that you created.
FB02 Toolbar
Click on the “Hat” and you will get to the Document Header. There in the lower right part of the window you have a field “Reversal Date” that has the original date that you entered when you created your Reversal Journal Entry. Change that date for today’s date and once you execute FB08 or F.81 your Reversal will be done as of today.
Document Header
Reversal Date

Then you can go ahead and create your new Reversal Entry with the proper information.

If your Company and/or Project needs to implement this or any of the functionalities described in my Blog, do not hesitate to reach out to me and I will be happy to provide you my services.

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