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ALE Distribution of Master Data

ALE Distribution of Master Data

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A couple of months (posts) ago I wrote about propagating Chart of Accounts and GLs through ALE to other environments. But GLs accounts are not the only objects that can be transferred through ALE. In fact there are tons of Master Data objects that can be transferred using ALE in SAP. 

I put together a small list of some relevant Master Data objects that could be relevant for Finance (from my perspective).

As I mentioned before in my other post (ALE Chart of Accounts to other environments) , you need to Create / Update your Distribution Model before you can start defining new objects that you want to transfer through ALE.

This is a Table that gives you a list of the TOP objects that I transfer normally through ALE, with their corresponding Message Types, Tcodes to trigger them and setup for the Partner profiles.

These are the Outbound Partner Profiles

These are the Inbound Partner Profiles

Remember, as I mentioned in my other post; once you trigger your IDOCs. You should be able to monitor them in the sending system with WE02 and then in the receiving system with WE02 too. If you have errors, those are most likely from you Partner profiles setups, check them and re-process or re-trigger the IDOCs.

If your Company and/or Project needs to implement this or any of the functionalities described in my Blog, do not hesitate to reach out to me and I will be happy to provide you my services.

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